Campaign Issues

These are some of the issues important to Brookfield.  Feel free to contact Heather if you would like to discuss these or other issues important to you.   You will find her open to listening and willing to act.


Elmbrook Schools are the magnet for our community.  

As an educator, Heather is an advocate for our students, faculty, staff, and administrators.  

Schools and community partners need the support of the city to be healthy.  Support services to prevent suicides and drug abuse should be supported.



Reducing Food Waste and Hunger

Food waste is a problem in all cities. Food waste creates a burden on our landfills.  At the same time, not every plate is full at mealtime.  Working families do struggle to make ends meet.  So we must honestly admit that even in our great city, food waste and hunger both exist.  There are programs which simultaneously address both of these common issues.  There are steps we can take to improve these issues. This is an environmental issue and a community health issue. Heather is driven to bring these ideas to Brookfield.  


Sharing and Community Gardening

Community gardens are sprouting up all over the country. The benefits reaped from these gardens are not only in food, but the opportunity to teach children of the benefits of healthy eating and growing their own food.   Communities come together to plan, design and encourage one each other to be conscious of the source of food.

Barakah Gardens

Harvesting greens at Barakah Gardens.

Balancing Developmental and Environmental Needs

For the best quality of life, development and environmental concerns must be balanced. For healthy communities, recreation and green spaces must be nourished.  Likewise, families must be able to find work to sustain themselves.  Families who work and serve Brookfield residents in our schools, retail and service sectors should be able to afford to live in Brookfield.  This is inclusion.  This is healthy living.


Contact Heather with YOUR thoughts on how we can Build Together.

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