Heather Gilvary-Hamad


My husband and I have been married for 16 years.  We have a daughter, Fridarose, who is a freshman at Brookfield Central High School. Our son, Obadah, is a 7th grader at Wisconsin Hills Middle School.

I have been employed in higher education in student services and admissions.  I was the Debate and Forensics Coach at Brookfield Central and continue to support the Debate team as a judge for tournaments.

I have been involved in High Pointe Toastmasters and I am an active member of American Association of University Women (AAUW) West Suburban - Milwaukee (WI) Branch. 

Journey to a Campaign

Many years ago, I would have shied away from a discussion on politics.  I believed in the adage "To never discuss politics (in polite company)".  Why would anyone want to risk offending anyone?

But over time, this has slowly changed.  This change began in adulthood.   I have worked for years with international students and often finds myself explaining American culture to my students  One day, someone asked me why Americans don't like to talk about politics.  I explained that it was simple, "You wouldn't want to risk offending a friend or neighbor." 

The student's response changed me.  He responded, "Politics is where you work. It is where your kids go to school.  It is the food you eat, the water you drink and the parks your kids enjoy.    If you don't discuss Politics, what do you talk about?" 

I pondered on his response for years. I came to understand that politics was an everyday event.  Even if "disagreements" happen, if handled in a mature manner, they can lead to better results.  

I continued to play a role in "politics" without fulling admitting to it. I volunteered in my community.  I taught and advocated for my students. I found a voice and spoke out when I saw an injustice.  I took an amazing course on Social Welfare Policy and began to examine how politics can improve the lives of those around me.

Today, I have seen the value in this question posed to me nearly two decades ago.  Looking around, I see citizens of Brookfield who are lifelong residents  Others are newcomers.  Everyone is here with their own unique story, ideas, and values.  Each family would consider the concept of "Where do you (want) to live, work and play" in different ways.  But they all chose Brookfield as that special place  Now, it's time to bring together our many different ideas, Talk Politics and Build Together.

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